Who we are

First, our client list is pretty spectacular. We think the world of them and know they feel the same about the work we have done for them.

Team HQS was founded in 2005 and is an online solution provider of business applications that have been designed and developed over the last decade specifically for manufacturers and distributors in the sports marketing segment who utlized Brand Ambassadors and Key Influencers as a channel to increase "mind share" in the marketplace.. Our solution portfolio is unmatched in the industry providing robust features and functions without sacrficing flexibility and ease of use.

We are experts in the area of "end to end" management of sponsored athletes and our team has practical "first hand" experience in developing and administering online website based systems. Last, but not least we are a team of consultants, project managers, software developers, architects, troubleshooters, business enablers and innovators.

What we impact


We provide brands with opportunities to drive behavioral change through meaningful online experiences and communications that tap into sponsored player passions.


We provide brands with opportunities to improve sponsored player satisfaction with service and support through effective and timely delivery of contractual obligations.

Brand Loyalty

We provide brands with opportunities to contractually build year to year commitments from athletes who are sponsored who receive either free or "fee" based sponsorships.


We provide brands with opportunities to eliminate costs associated with a non-automated distribution of contracts and drive increased revenue through sales of equipment packages and supplemental products direct to sponsored players.


We provide brands with opportunities to implement an online athlete management and contract fulfilment system that is "self funding" and in fact will increase sales and profit margins by selling direct to a select group of athletes who are loyal to your brand.

What we do

We provide an online monthly subscription based service for sponsored athlete team management.

Our pricing model is based on a fixed fee mininum subsription of $250 per month for each tier of 1,000 members. Our subscription fee is based on a tiered pricing model which is scaled based on the number of members regardless of their "active" status. The monthly minimum subscription fee includes unlimited end-user support and service (normal business hours 5 days per week). Extended support is available 24/7 if required for an additional fee. There is a one time setup, confiugration, template design and training fee associated with the deployment of each website.

We offer consultation, project management, support and training. If requested, we provide these services on-site at your location. Customization of any web application may be requested and integration with a corporate SAP, ERP or CRM system is also available.

Our Team Management System website common design template will be branded with your company name and logo and will be assigned to a domain name of your choice or optionally a subdomain as follows: http://yourname.teamhqs.com. Custom website design templates are optionally available.

We provide 24-7 access to our web servers and database servers. Our server technology is based on a Windows Server platform and MS SQL. Our servers are backed up daily and all data is retained for 90 days.

Our customers all receive back-end secure control panel access to their Team Management System website. The control panel provides administrator access to each TMS applet for maintenance of members, products, content, images, etc.