Document Management System

Feature & Function Highlights

  • What you see is What You Get HTML text editor to facilitate creation of documents, articles, terms and conditions agreements and miscellaneous content pages.
  • Unlimited categorization of documents by target zones. An example of zones are "terms and conditions", "news", "videos", "training", etc.
  • Includes ability to limit access/display of documents by zone. For example, you may elect to allow some documents to be viewable only by Reps/Managers while others are viewable by athletes.
  • Documents can be scheduled to appear and disappear at a future date by scheduling Start and Ending Dates.
  • You can attach images, pdf files, Excel spreadsheets and video to fully enhance your documents with state-of-the-art multimedia features.
  • Includes "print version" feature to allows athletes to easily get a printable version of documents.
  • Administrator access via back-end control panel for configuration and management via an intuitive user interface.
  • Control panel administrative search functions to locate documents by name or other keyword criteria.