Membership Management System

Feature & Function Highlights

  • Administrator access via back-end control panel for configuration and management.
  • Control panel administrative search functions to create online views of member roster by sponsorship group, by contract or other keyword criteria.
  • Extensive member profile maintained for each member with predefined common mandatory fields.
  • Unlimited admin defined optional fields to capture dynamically entered data for each member by sponsorship group type.
  • Unlimited sponsorship groups may be defined to segement members by sponsorship types or levels. Sponsorship groups are configurable and are automatically linked to available product equipment packages. Members assigned to sponsorship groups may optionally be allowed to purchase supplemental product in addition to mandatory equipment packages.
  • Sponsorship group configuration options include (but are not limited to):
    • Define whether or not Reps or Managers may allocate "points" to athletes which can be redeemed for product purchases
    • Define supplemental order purchase limit by max dollar amount
    • Define contract expiration date
    • Define whether or not a predefined equipment package purchase is required at time of contract issuance
    • Define unique contract terms and conditions for each sponsorship group that must be digitally accepted by member
  • Supports definition of budget "promotional team fund accounts" (PTF) for members designated as Managers. Allows Managers to purchase product using their assigned PTF budget account balance to ship to members on their roster or optionally assign points to members which can be redeemed by members for product based on a predefined point value to receive a partial discount or free product.
  • Member application form processing and management. Automatic email notification of designated Group Manager when new sponsorhip application is received. Membership Group Manager reviews application and either assigns an available sponsorship level contract or transfers application to appropriate Agent or Rep who is designated as a manager of the membership group. Agent or Rep is automatically notified of new application to review on their dashboard.
  • Powerful "Data Miner" query tool to extract data and produce "on demand" reports which can be exported to .xls or .csv files.