Our Team Management System (TMS) is a robust solution for management of individual members who are required to apply for sponsorship and are members of a "team" who receive a contract with specific terms and conditions. TMS includes multiple applets that provide you with the tools for end-to-end managment of your team. We will design, develop, configure and deploy a website that includes both public and members only pages for a one time fee plus a recurring monthly hosting and support fee.

Membership Management System (MMS)

Sponsored athlete management system for capturing & maintaining player profile data, sponsorship status, sponsorship group assignment and contractual T&C's. Includes unlimited administrator defined player profile fields and ability to designate members as "non-managers" who receive contracts or managers who can assign and distribute contracts to sponsored players. [MORE]

Catalog Management System (CMS)

Product catalog management system for maintenance of all products to be made available for purchase by sponsored players including both pre-configured equipment packages and supplemental product orders. Supports adding/editing products, uploading images, defining and linking equipment packages to sponsorship groups. Provides for processing orders (both charge and no-charge) including the ability to redeem points for free product. [MORE]

Document Management System (DMS)

Document and content management system for creating and editing of dynamic articles, documents and content to be viewed within Team Management System based on assigned zones. "What You See is What You get" HMTL content editor supports ability to insert images, define fonts to create news articles and publish content on selected pages. [MORE]

Newsflash Management System (NMS)

HTML editor based newsflash creation and distribution system for staff and reps to send email communications to sponsored players. Flexible formatting of content including the ability to insert images. eMail distribution lists are segmented by Territory Rep/Program Manager and sponsorship group type. [MORE]

Survey Management System (SMS)

Survey and playtest creation, distribution and results reporting system. You can create extensive surveys using radio buttons, checkboxes, text inputs and drop-owns which can be distributed via email to your team members. [MORE]

Poll Management System (PMS)

Quick poll creation and results reporting system. You can create complete short polls with any number of questions (using radio buttons, checkboxes, text inputs and drop-downs which are displayed on your team's homepage. [MORE]

Event Management System (EMS)

Calendar event creation and management system fully integrated with Activity Management System. Supports displaying calendar on team website listing scheduled events including demo days requested by athletes and approved by their team manager. [MORE]

Activity Management System (AMS)

Activity Management System for player sponsorship contributions to brand. Supports administrator defined activities and merit points. Athletes can post activities throughout the sponsorship season in order to accrue merit points to be evaluated at season end to determine "value add" and "give back" to the brand. Extensive reporting including comparative graphs by athlete, by manager and by type of activity. [MORE]

Report Management System (RMS)

Data mining and report generation system for retrieval of data ad-hoc on demand for custom printing or exporting data to Excel spreadsheets. Pre-defined report queries for common data retrevalare included and optional custom queries are available. If the data is captured, you have access to it via RMS. [MORE]