Affiliate Marketing Program

The Team HQS (Team Headquarters) Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP) was launched in the summer of 2020 to reward our loyal team members for helping us spread the word about Team HQS products and the benefits of membership. 
Recommending our products will become an extra source of passive income for you by simply referring your customers, friends, business associates or students. Since the launch, AMP has expanded rapidly and hundreds of Affiliate members are now earning commissions based on their referrals who have placed orders with Team HQS. Your referrals who place orders as "guests" will pay our "retail online price" which typically is discounted off the manufacturer's suggested retail price. For most products, simply based on your referral customers will receive a 10% discount off their order. If they wish to receive a higher level of discount, your referred customers must submit an application to join Team HQS as a Brand Ambassador before submitting their order.
What is unique about AMP is that we do not rely on browser cookies to be stored on a visitors computer and it is not even required for visitors to be provided a unique Affiliate ID or discount coupon code.  Once an Affiliate is approved and their account is activated, during the order checkout process our customers are prompted to select the name of the Affiliate who referred them.  If the visiting guest was directed to by an Affiliate referral link, then the appropriate Affiliate ID will be included in the link and therefore the guest will not be required or even allowed to select an Affiliate ID since the URL includes the Affiliate ID who referred them.
Joining AMP is free and can be done by simply submitting an application form.  All applications are reviewed and either approved or rejected within 1 business day.  Like many other affiliate programs, ours is also online-based. It grants you full access to your own Affiliate dashboard menu – you only need a device connected to the internet to access it.  AMP membership is restricted to the continental USA since we do not ship to other countries. 
You must be 18 years or older to join AMP.  By joining the Team HQS AMP, you open up unlimited earnings potential for yourself.  AMP provides stable commission payouts throughout the customer lifecycle.  As an active AMP member, you will be receiving a 10% commission from every sale made by your referrals.  Affiliates may request a commission payout via their AMP dashboard menu once they have accrued $150 in commissions on all orders which have shipped. 
As previously mentioned, since we do not utilize cookies, Affiliates do not have to be concerned about cookies expiring and their referrals returning to make a purchase where the order does not get credited as an Affiliate sale.  If a referred customer actually joins Team HQS as an Ambassador based on an Affiliate referral, they will be linked to that Affiliate account "for life".  The Affiliate will then receive a commission each time their referral returns to place an order. 
We also offer our Affiliates the option to exchange their commission earned for Team HQS reward points.  Reward points are exchanged on a 1-1 basis where 1 point equals 1 dollar.  Reward points can then be redeemed to apply towards the purchase of any product in our catalog.  There is also no minimum restriction when exchanging reward points.  For example, if you have accrued $20 in commissions you may at anytime exchange your commission balance for $20 in reward points.