Privacy Policy

1. Data protection

Protecting your personal information is of paramount importance for us. We will only register and use your personal information when this is permitted under United States law on data protection. Below you will learn how, to what extent and why we are going to record, use and distribute personal data. This declaration can always be found on our website, from which you can save and print it. 

1.1 Registering, using and distributing personal data

1.1.1 Order procedure

In the case where a contractual agreement is concluded, extended or amended between you and us, we will, insofar as this is appropriate, register and use your personal information (e.g. name, address, email, bank or credit card information, etc.), especially to answer your questions, to process your orders, and to give you the possibility of using a warranty. 

Only when such is required to the purpose of the implementation of the agreement or for billing purposes, or if you have given explicit consent in advance, will we provide your personal information to third parties (e.g. transport companies) or communicate this information in any other way. As an exception, the law can oblige us in specific cases to release information about your personal data to public authorities, especially when you are criminally prosecuted or if it is required from a perspective of prevention.

By this order, you give us permission to store your personal data as indicated above, to use and to communicate it to third parties, insofar as this is required for the execution of the order.

1.1.2 Newsletter

For sending out newsletters, we use your email address, name and surname, title and date of birth, in order to be able to address you personally and to deliver a customized newsletter for you. You can always cancel your subscription to our newsletter.

1.1.3 Usage Data

When necessary, we register and use your personally identifiable information to enable you to make use of our offerings (usage data). This mainly concerns information to identify you and to know from which time until which time and to what extent you have made use of our offer.

By using this website you give us permission to store and use information about yourself as mentioned above, to the extent required for the use of the website.

1.1.4 Cookies

We use "cookies" to recognize you as a customer with us and make your purchases even more smoothly. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and can be used to analyze how you use the website. Cookies e.g. direct the functioning of the "basket" and the "mark" feature that's in there. Cookies are independent of specific individuals and do not contain personal information. Most cookies we use are called "session cookies". These are deleted once you close your browser. Persistent cookies enable us to identify, among other things as a visitor to our site, so that we can arrange it more comfortable for you.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies. Nevertheless, you can edit your browser settings so that automatic storage of cookies is prevented. You can individually allow or refuse temporary and stored cookies. To have access to our online offer, you do not necessarily need to accept cookies. With cookies deactivated, in some circumstances you get no access to certain features on the website. The appearance of some pages may also be erroneous. If you wish to use our shopping cart and place orders, you must have cookies enabled.

By using the website you give us permission to store and use information about yourself via cookies as shown and described above.

1.1.5. Market Research and Statistics General

Certain data registered during a visit to this website will be used for statistical purposes for advertising, market research and to adapt our internet offer to the needs. These data are stored separately from other data you enter as a user of our offer. We do not analyze these data to create personal user profiles. The storage and processing of this data is anonymous.

We deliver data as further described to our partners [Google Inc / ...], which perform a statistical analysis ("tracking"). You can always refuse to have tracking performed (see Section 1.3). In this case we cannot offer you personalized content. 

When you visit our website, we record the following data: 

[- Request (the name of the requested file)
- Type / version of the browser (eg .: Internet Explorer 6.0)
- Browser language (eg .: Dutch)
- Operating system (eg .: Windows 7)
- Internal resolution of the browser window
- Screen resolution
- Javascript Activation
- Java on / off
- Cookies on / off
- Color intensity
- Referrer URL (the previously visited website)
- IP address - is made anonymous immediately and erased after processing
- Time of access
- Clicks
- possibly value of order
- possibly the content of forms (in the case of free text fields such as name and password, only "completed" or "not completed" will be given as information)] 

At each server request, the IP address of the computer is registered. This tells the server where the response should be sent to. Once an Internet user goes online, he receives an IP address from his internet service provider (ISP). The ISP can determine which IP address has at any time been assigned to which customer. In theory, it is therefore possible to find out the identity of the subscriber via the ISP, on the condition that the IP address is stored. We and our statistical partners therefor store the IP address shortened only (anonymous) and use it merely to recognize the session, before the geolocation (down to the level of the municipality) and to repel attacks. Thereafter, the IP address will be deleted immediately. That way, the recorded data remain anonymous and it is no longer possible to retrieve the identity of the user, even via the ISP.

Statistical analyzes are moreover made on the basis of anonymous shopping baskets and orders, which we then deliver to [Google Inc. / ...].

When you fill in a form on our website, a statistical analysis can be performed on your data. Non-personal data are automatically stored and analyzed statistically. As to personal data, only the cancellation or the successful sending of the order can be recorded in statistics, unless you expressly give permission to evaluate this data statistically.

[...] uses these "cookies" (see section 1.1.4 above for more information about cookies) that end up on your computer and are saved by your browser:

- session cookies (to identify a session, lifespan: one session);
- permanent cookies (to recognize new / existing customer lifetime (adaptable): [... duration of the existence of the cookie ...]) Web analytics with [Google Analytics]

We work for our website using [Google Analytics], a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how you use our website. For example, information is collected on the operating system you use, your browser, your IP address, etc. Statistical analyses are always performed on the basis of anonymous shopping baskets and orders, which we then send to Google.

At our request, Google will use the accessed data to analyze how you use our website to report on user behavior and to extend their services to us in this context. The IP address that Google sends to your browser is not combined with other data.

By using this website you give us permission to communicate information about yourself as shown and described above , to [Google] [and ...] and to have this information processed.

1.1.6 Facebook plugins and "Like" feature 

Our website contains browser extensions (so called. plug-ins) from the social networking site Facebook, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94 304 USA (Facebook). The plug-ins on our websites can be recognized by the Facebook logo and / or text "Like". Once you open one of our websites containing a plug-in of Facebook, your browser establishes a connection to the Facebook server. The content of the plugin is sent as such to your browser, which loads the information in the website displayed. This way, your IP address and the URL of the visited site arrive at Facebook. 

If you have a Facebook account, Facebook can indicate on your page that you have visited our website. In that case you access the site and via the Facebook plugin, data such as date, time, URL, and browser type are communicated to Facebook and are stored there. The interaction with the Facebook plugins, such as when you push the "Like" button or leave comments, has more data sent to Facebook . 

To what extent Facebook registers data using the "Like" button is something which we have no influence on. Consult to determine which data data Facebook registers and why, how Facebook processes and uses your data and what rights and settings are available to you to protect your privacy . 

In addition, you can also install matching blocker add-ons for your browser. 

By clicking on the Facebook button, you give permission to activate the Facebook plugin and to send your information to Facebook as outlined above. 

1.2 Right to information, correction and right to delete 

Your trust is very important to us. Therefore you can always contact us for free for more information about the processing of your personal data. If, after reading this statement, you still have questions, or at some point would need further explanation, please contact us by e-mail via our online Contact US page.

At any time, you can have registered personal information blocked or adapted. You can also at all times revoke the permission you have given us to record and use data without justification. This should simply be made in writing (e.g. e-mail, fax or mail) at the above address. If, after our information on on data protection and the processing of your personal data, you have any questions, then you can certainly contact us.

Stored personal data are deleted when you withdraw your permission to store them, when they are no longer required for the purposes that we had in mind, or when it is prohibited for legal reasons to store them any longer.

Blocking or deleting your data is not possible when we cannot do without them in order to perform the contract or if we are legally obliged to preserve them.

1.3 Right of withdrawal regarding data storage by Google Inc.

You can prevent data on the use of the website (including your IP address) being sent and processed to Google despite the cookies being created by Google. To this extent, download and install the browser plugin that is suitable for this through the following link (

For further information, surf to (general information about Google Analytics on data protection).

1.4 Reservation of amendment

Note that data protection provisions can change. Therefore it is best to regularly check whether changes have occurred in the legislation or in the way companies like Google Inc. act. 

2. Protection of data

In order to transfer customer data, we use a secure process, called "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL). In addition, a 128-bit key is used. In this way, all the information is encrypted. Only then is it sent to us. Unauthorized persons thereby can have no access to this data when they are sent online. We work with different frames. Therefore, you may not immediately recognize the encoding, or your browser may not immediately generate a message to remind you that a link to an SSL server is created. Nevertheless, you can look up whether your data have been sent protected (https mode) by clicking on your right mouse button in the payment section and then selecting the function "Show Edit" from the context menu.

All personal data arrive at computers without an Internet connection. 

You can help to protect yourself and others from abuse. Never give your password to others and help us to better protect your personal information.