Smart Goggles
Smart Goggles
Smart Goggles
Smart Goggles
Smart Goggles
Smart Goggles
Smart Goggles

Smart Goggles


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Feel better through the day. Sleep better through the night.


Whether you stare at a screen all day, suffer from headaches and migraines, or struggle to fall asleep, Therabody SmartGoggles keep you moving throughout your day and help you rest at night. Slip them on to help ease facial tension, relieve eye strain, decrease headache pain and calm your body and mind. Using our exclusive Smartsense Technology™, the SmartRelax mode measures your heart rate to personalize your experience. Our Focus and Sleep modes use a combination of heat, vibration, and massage to help with concentration and rest.

Pair SmartGoggles with the Therabody  app for a multi-sensory experience that supports sleep, focus, relaxation and more.

Key Product Features

  • SmartSense Technology™ powers SmartRelax mode to physically lower your heart rate and help reduce stress and anxiety. Use the Therabody app with SmartRelax mode to track your results.
  • Multiple modalities–vibration, massage, heat–tailored to provide relaxation for the eyes and face and relief for headaches and migraines.
  • 3 modes: Focus, SmartRelax and Sleep for custom mind and body wellness.
  • Portable, foldable design for relaxation wherever you go.
  • Designed for use with the Therabdody app to deliver an integrated holistic wellness solution.
  • SmartGoggles physical benefits with Therabody’s performance-enhancing audio content.

SmartGoggles Differentiators

  • SmartRelax: No other device has SmartSense Technology and a SmartRelax mode that physically lowers your heart rate to help reduce stress and anxiety with results that can be tracked in the Therabody app.
  • Superior Modalities: Unique application of vibration motors and optimized placement of proprietary massage chambers and heating consoles make SmartGoggles the ultimate device for relaxation and sleep
  • Ultimate Comfort: Made with premium materials that deliver best-in-class comfort

What’s Included

  • SmartGoggles device
  • Soft case
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable

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