RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)
RecoveryPulse (Arm)

RecoveryPulse (Arm)


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Introducing RecoveryPulse Arm: the most advanced arm compression therapy device on the market designed to keep you moving. 

RecoveryPulse Arm combines vibration, compression and germanium-infused fabric that offers far infrared benefits, all in one wearable sleeve. Whether you work at a desk all day or live an active lifestyle, get pain relief from tennis and golfer’s elbow and forearm soreness as you go about your daily routine. Increase circulation, accelerate recovery, and reduce soreness through all your day’s activities, from your workout to your grocery haul to relaxing at home. 

Portable and convenient design for on-the-go treatment. 

RecoveryPulse Arm makes it easier than ever to recover whenever, wherever. Wear the sleeves during active recovery sessions like stretching or light movements to help to increase circulation and improve mobility, or during passive recovery like relaxing at home or on a flight to help to reduce soreness and stiffness. Their portability and efficacy means you can accelerate your recovery without slowing down, helping to relieve minor aches and pains such as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow while going about your daily routine. 

Innovative VibraPulse Technology™️ 

RecoveryPulse Arm is powered by innovative VibraPulse Technology™️, our patent-pending technology that integrates 11 proprietary QX-Micro Motors created specifically for this product. The intelligent design intentionally interweaves the QX-Micro Motors throughout the fabric of the sleeve, positioning them to deliver targeted vibration directly to the biceps, triceps, and forearm, for a more effective treatment than compression alone. 

Germanium-Infused FlowKnit Fabric™️ with far infrared (FIR) benefits. 

Our signature FlowKnit Fabric contains germanium-infused yarn that naturally reflects far infrared light and is used to help regulate temperature and increase circulation for an elevated compression treatment. 

 3 vibration modes for a variety of treatments. 

  • Mode 1 – Low: For general recovery and increased circulation. 
  • Mode 2 – High: For warm-up and activity preparation. 
  • Mode 3 – Wave: A dynamic vibration pattern for treating pain and soreness. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Reduces soreness and pain in the biceps, triceps and forearms 
  • Accelerates recovery 
  • Increases relaxation 
  • Improves flexibility and mobility 
  • Maximizes warm-up 
  • Increases circulation 

Product Features: 

  • VibraPulse Technology™️ - our patent-pending design which integrates our proprietary QX-Micro Motors uniquely woven into our fabrics 
  • 3 vibration modes for customizable, personalized treatments 
  • Germanium-Infused FlowKnit Fabric™️ offers compression with far infrared benefits 
  • Bilateral use on either the right or left side, or using two sleeves at once 
  • 45-minute battery life with removable battery 
  • Machine washable 

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