Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk
Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk


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A single 75mL bottle of Alcohol Free Secret Stuff will last about 100 uses.

Secret Stuff® is an isopropyl alcohol based liquid chalk. Rub a small amount on your hands, let dry, and a perfect layer of the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate magically appears. The perfect "clean" alternative to loose chalk.  

  • Liquid Chalk
  • 45% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Mid-Session Refresher
  • Training Partner
  • Less chalk dust, less mess

Use Secret Stuff as a total chalk replacement or as a mid-session refresher. Whatever the use, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality, longest lasting chalk anywhere.

Not "just chalk"... Secret Stuff helps to clean your hands, getting rid of gunk and grime that builds up over the course of your normal day and during activity. Secret Stuff liquid chalk seeps deep into the texture of your hands—as soon as you apply, you'll see how well it gets into every nook and cranny.


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